Monday, October 27

Boiling Milk and Sister-in-Law's Affair

My sister-in-law is coming to stay for a week. She is here to meet her parents and ofcourse she cannot STAY with them as she has come into our House after marriage.
So she will sleep here and go meet them during the day. It is almost going to be like she is having an affair or something.
I can't tell my husband all-this coz when I did he told me I was getting a corrupt-mind and the only channel I should watch is Colours. And Aasthaa ofcourse.
Bye. The milk has boiled over the vessel and tongues of white are mocking my clumsiness. That's why I don't boil packet-milk half the time. I just pour it into a vessel and keep it in the fridge hoping that noone in the house suspects that I do not boil the milk. Plus I drink so much of it (in steel glasses so it does not look like I am over-consuming, nurturing the nurturer too much) that the half litre milk hardly lasts more than a day. Now my sister-in-law is coming and she is very shrewd so I will have to get into the routine of boiling milk.


greenapplemartini said...

in happy housewife you say ur a guy and here u r a girl - is ur alter ego getting the better of you???

stiletto said...

mubarkein on housewife finally being seen... love the smart alec-y smugness

The Happy Lawyer said...

Green Apple, I like writing. Alter-egos are an excuse-)
Stiletto, thanks.